This interactive video is an internal view of the psychological process that one experiences in the peripheral nervous system. Commencing the heart beat, piano sonata “Misty” by Eroll Garner begins to direct the narrative that is the bond between ones psychological emotives and chemical processes. The performative animation is a pictorial representation expressing the complexity that is ones emotions and how at times metaphors such as “butterflies in stomach” begin to be a better description in explaining our internal characteristics. This performance is to be a visual display of such metaphors and allegories that each uses when experiencing a form of induced nervousness. When people mentally relive different kinds of emotional experiences they show different patterns of autonomic activity. The “gut feelings” that cause us to approach or avoid certain situations might be the result of physiological changes that are perceived without conscious awareness.

By creating an animation featuring my silhouette and projecting myself onto myself, the audience begins to experience the illusion of seeing directly through into my anatomy. Displaying the projection onto a life size support intimates the piece into a relative aspect for viewers to engage and link meaning to their own conscious tactile self. Exploring and playing with dimensions be it through flat images, that “come to life” through computer animation, to a sculptural component of the actual projection onto a draped self, the projection itself adds the dimension of time/duration. This performance represents the orchestrated fluidity of the mind and body states.