Micayla Doria is a Toronto based artist. Graduated from Ontario College of Art and Design in 2010 with a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts, Micayla works as an interdisciplinary artist exploring and experimenting with mediums, techniques and processes within the field of drawing and painting, integrated media, as well as performance art. She has learned to perceive, read and translate the visual world into personal forms of pictorial expression and representation by acquiring knowledge of theory, history and criticism. In 2013, Micayla founded Celebrate Toronto, a festival that celebrates the city's annual anniversary while bringing awareness towards sustainable development projects across the city of Toronto. 

Micayla continues her involvement in gallery shows and charity galas and currently volunteers with CAMH Engage and Woofapalooza. Past experience includes the Art Curator for the Vaughan Film Festival and volunteer for the After Breast Cancer Organization.  Her commercial and commissioned work is found across The GTA from galleries to restaurants to the walls of her clients.

She has traveled internationally engaging in different communities and supported valuable and sustainable community development projects abroad. Through the award-winning Childreach International program Micayla took an opportunity to engage in the Futurebuild Project and played an active hands-on role in valuable community-based projects in Tanzania, Africa. She gained a comprehensive understanding of sustainable community development, as well as a unique insight into the lives of families living in rural areas of the developing world. This experience has nurtured her in becoming a culturally conscious community leader. Her passion for adventure and culture has carried her through Costa Rica, Australia, Africa, Malaysia, Thailand, Zanzibar, to name a few. She has engaged in ancient cave paintings to fine crafted oil paintings of local citizens in dozens of cities and villages globally. Micayla takes what she has seen and learned and applies it to her work bringing vibrant colours and exotic pictorial representations of the land and people that makes our world extraordinary.

 Micayla engages the surrounding art world with enthusiasm, focusing on the issues pertinent to contemporary art practice, the local art community and the development of her career.